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House Inspection Tips for You

House maintenance can be tricky. It is because there are a lot of things that we can easily miss. Mowing the lawn and moping the floor are two everyday chores that most of us are thinking of when we hear the word Maintenance. But in reality, house maintenance requires efforts and routines more than that.

First, you must know why you should bother with house maintenance. Think of your house as an investment. Real estates price is forever increasing, but only if they are in a proper condition. No one wants to live under a weathered roof or surrounded by a moldy wall. Outer appearance significantly matters when it comes to real estate marketing.

Second, the more you procrastinate maintenance, the higher the cost will be. Some damages are occurring subtly, such as pipe leaks and wall cracks. And once they have become severe, they can lead to structural damage, which can cost you more than $5000 on average.

So, it is better to do regular inspections on our house. And that is the topic we are discussing this writing.

Leakage and Clogging Inspection

a leak on a pipeLeakage does not always come from worn out pipes. Improper installation of drainage system causes the water to seep through the gaps. The process of the seepage itself might not be observable until the molds appear on the damp parts. And once the situation occurs, you might need to redo the painting and coating the surface with water repellant.

To prevent such thing from happening, you can inspect the plumbing and drainage pipes by yourself. The first thing you need to look for is rust or mineral deposits. If those taints appear on the pipes joints, then something is not right. If you cannot spot the source of trouble by yourself, do not hesitate to call a professional plumber.

Pest Infestation

exterminating bugsCommon pests are attracted to moisture. When there is water, creatures are most likely to live around it. So if you want to investigate whether there is an infestation in the house, you must check the damp areas first, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

But the rule does not seem to apply to ticks and mites. They thrive in dirty utensils and cushions. Regular vacuuming will be enough to control them, but if you have abandoned stuff in the basement, you need to be careful. Dust mites and ticks give not only skin rash but also respiratory problem to allergic people.

If you cannot handle the infestation, you should call the professional. Some bugs like bees, wasps, and rodents can be dangerous to handle by ourselves, especially if we live in areas with diverse animal species, such as in Georgia. Call the exterminator atlanta, and you will get your pest problems under control. Besides, you can use the spare time for your family.

Degradation on the Foundation

This damage is related to the leakage and clogs. When those two problems not fixed for a long time, the water will degrade the house’s foundation. A concrete structure is prone to water. It enlarges the pores and makes the bricks brittle.

building the foundation

To spot this trouble, you need to investigate if there are cracks in the wall and floor. Spot the thin-line breaks because they are the sign of foundation degradation.

Besides moisture, soil shifting is also a problem that can make your house vulnerable to collapsing. Soil shifting is very subtle, and it shows no symptoms other than cracks in the floor and the wall. And unfortunately, it is costly to repair the damage from soil shifting. The chances are that the house’s foundation has been carelessly built, and a repair will require a total renovation of the house.

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