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Buying Tips for Storage Shelves for Your Garage

Who said that the garage should always look messy? There is so much to store in the small space of your garage, but you can still keep it orderly using shelves. Here, we will give you few buying tips for storage shelves for the garage.

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Always Find out the Dimensions of the Shelf

The first thing to think about when looking for storage shelves for garage is the space available for these shelves. Choose the correct shelf size for the space available for shelving units in your garage. For instance, you can choose shelving unit that measures 180cm x 120cm x 45cm if you do not have much space for shelves in your garage. If space is not a problem, you can have several shelving units measuring 180cm x 120cm x 60cm. You can also choose 3-tier, 4-tier or even 5-tier shelving unit depending on your storage requirements.

Consider the Maximum Weight Capacity

Once you identify the right size of the shelves that you want to buy, the next things to be keen on are the features and specifications of various shelves available. In particular, consider the weight that a certain shelf can carry. This is important especially if you have heavy automobile parts in your garage. For example, there are 5-tier garage shelves whose maximum capacity is 175kg per tier, meaning that the total capacity is 875kg. There are also others with a capacity of more than 265kg per tier.

Check the Overall Construction


The overall construction of a shelving unit will determine its usefulness in your garage. It will also determine whether the shelving unit can carry the weight that it purports to carry. As a rule of thumb, you should choose a sturdy shelving unit. Begin by checking the material on the shelf. There are metal, plastic and wooden shelving units. You should choose the best one for your garage design and style. Remember each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. You will also want to check whether the shelf has rust-resistant coating especially if it is metallic. There should be tight beam ties too to prevent the sagging of the shelf board. The feet of the shelf should have non-slip rubber pads for stability. Overall, the shelf should look strong, durable and fit for the job.

Check the Warranty Information

Check the warranty information. This information always gives an idea of a product’s quality. A 5-year warranty on a shelving unit, for instance, speaks volumes about its quality.

Look for Extra Features

Just like any other customer, you will always want a shelf that is a cut above the rest. For this reason, a shelf that has additional features should be more attractive to you than the plain one with basic features. For example, if you can get a shelving unit with adjustable shelf height and layout, consider yourself lucky. There are also boltless designs that can be assembled in a few minutes.

Easy to Assemble

Even as you check the overall construction of the shelving unit, you will also want to buy a shelf that you can assemble and dismantle easily whenever there is the need. Bay connectors, screws, bolts and nuts should be enough to assemble your shelving unit.

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