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What to Wear and How to Behave
There are a number of sources in the SCA that tell how to make simple garb. The Known World Handbook is one. SCA members usually make their own garb, although sometimes you can barter or trade services to have someone make you simple garb. For women, a plain-colored long skirt and a peasant-type blouse will serve. A length of cloth, such as a white dishtowel, can make a veil to hide modern hair. For men, try plain trousers (not jeans), and a peasant-style shirt that is not tucked in. A cloak, even one made of a blanket, can hide modern clothes. Plain black slippers or plain boots can serve. Be wary of wearing metal circlets unless they are very simple. An ornate or jeweled circlet may lead you to be mistaken for one of the titled nobility, which can be embarrassing.

Do not wear a white belt, sash, or baldric (belt across the chest). White is reserved for members of the Chivalry. Bright-colored belts, such as red, green, or yellow, are often used to indicate that the wearer is a student of a particular person who has been honored for excellence in one of the SCA fields of endeavor. Although the colors are not restricted, in some kingdoms there may be a misunderstanding. Necklaces of chain links without medallions or other pendants are also worn by special groups. You should avoid them until you ask about local customs.

Avoid wearing a sword until you have asked about what is permissible in your kingdom. Many people wear knives. There is a special etiquette about bearing a steel blade. To keep the knife or blade from becoming unsheathed accidentally, many people fasten a cord around it to hold it in place. Before you remove it from the sheath, it is customary in most kingdoms to call "Clear" to warn nearby people that there is a bare blade. Do not threaten another person with your knife, even in play. Also, don't handle other people's property without their permission. Ask before you touch.

Courteous and honorable behavior is at the core of the Society. It is difficult to be too polite. Respectful terms of address and avoidance of discussing the modern world add to the medieval flavor of an event. Skill-at-arms, excellence in the arts, and long service are all diminished without respectful and courteous conduct.

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