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The Great Hall
Greetings weary traveller, I am the Chatelain of Chaumburgh Castle, and I bid you welcome. I pray you stay and rest awhile before continuing on your journey. Within the comfort of these walls you will find much information about the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA), including who we are, what we do and how you too can participate.

There are many rooms within the castle. First there is the Great Hall where many members of the Shire of Vanished Wood meet to discuss important issues, conduct business, and of course eat, drink and become rather merry. Enter the hall and you will find information on when and where the shire meets for moot, its sewing guild, fighter practice and its Arts and Science night.

The Library is where the monks from the monastery take the declarations of the Seneschal and inscribe them for the populace to read. It also boasts a large collection of parchments, documents and texts on mediaeval history.

The Solar is where gentles new to the SCA should look for information on names and pictures of clothing from the various time periods.

So if you care to come with me, I shall take you on a tour of the castle and introduce you to the world of the Current Middle Ages...

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