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Events, Feast & Court
The Society is a re-enactment and re-creation organization, intended for participants rather than spectators. Everyone who attends an event is expected to wear at least an attempt at medieval clothing. Garb need not be fancy. Anything reasonably "medieval-ish" can do for the first event. In some kingdoms, an organization called Gold Key provides loaner costumes at no charge or for a small rental fee. Call someone in advance to see if loaner garb will be available, or at an event look for the symbol of a key on a green or blue background.

If the event you are attending includes a feast be sure you have made a reservation, if required, and that you bring feast gear - a spoon, knife, plate, napkin, and something to drink from. You may also wish to bring a small cloth in case the table is uncovered, a fork, a bowl, small containers of sugar and salt, and a plastic trash bag to put dirty feast gear in after you have eaten. Many people bring their own beverages, but often some form of drink is provided. Iced tea, lemonade, and water are common.

For outdoor events, it is wise to bring a folding chair or a blanket to sit on. Carry a portable supply of water or other beverage, especially if you will be in the sun for part of the day. Bring a hat or other sun-shade for protection. Working on a craft, project, or game can be a good way to meet others at an event when you tire of observing. Although at many events a feast is served in the evening, if you wish to eat earlier, you may need to bring your own lunch or snack. Avoid modern-looking food and drink containers or cover them with a cloth.

When the King and/or Queen are present, people in many kingdoms will make a "reverence", (a bow or curtsy) each time they walk past the King or Queen. They will also make a reverence when the King or Queen walk past them or when they walk past the Royal Thrones, even if no one sits there. The space some 10' to 20' around the thrones is considered part of the Royal Presence. Walk around it, rather than through it. Watch what others are doing and copy them. Be careful not to stand where you might block the view of the King or Queen. When sitting on the throne, they are not as mobile as you are.

"Court" is a very special event with an emphasis on ceremony and courteous behavior. When called before Their Majesties, in most kingdoms people remove their weapons before approaching. They make a reverence when they come near, then kneel. As they leave, notice that they walk backwards several steps, bow or curtsy again, and then turn to walk back to their seats. Try to sit near the front so that you can see well and watch others as they stand, sit or bow. If necessary, quietly ask someone near you to explain what you do not understand.

The policy on smoking varies but is generally not permitted indoors. Ask about the local policy on flash photography. Some kingdoms forbid it, especially at Court events. Keep in mind that the feast, event, or Court is an attempt to recreate the Middle Ages. Cigarettes and flashbulbs did not exist then and are obvious when used.

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