Credit Despite Several Loans


Basically, there is no limit to the number of loans. If you have a good credit rating and can comfortably afford the loans, you can have several loans at once. Applying for a loan despite having several loans can have several reasons. On the one hand, a new loan is being sought in order to replace the existing loans, but also a separate financing can be used. As a general rule, taking out a loan despite having several loans can sometimes be difficult.

The credit despite several loan – the prospects

The credit despite several credit - the prospects

A loan can help, for example, to make a larger purchase, to fulfill a wish or simply take out a loan despite several loans to get a better overview of his finances. But even those who want to buy a property, usually needs a loan. The high loan amount when buying property is usually not without. However, it can often happen that additional funds are needed during the term of the real estate loan. This can be, for example, the purchase of a car or a new TV or you want to treat yourself to a trip. But there can be many stumbling blocks on the financial market.

If there is already a high loan to pay off, the bank is no longer so generous with lending a loan despite several loans. If the customer has a perfect credit rating and even upside when the real estate rate is deducted, it could work with a new loan despite several loans. If a loan seeker applies to a bank that does not have to be the house bank, but can also be another provider, a loan, then the lender will ask the private credit. So before the loan approval a private credit request is made. In this of course there is the real estate loan or other loans, which can ultimately reduce the credit rating.

The private credit

If you open a bank account, you usually have to sign a declaration of consent, which entitles the bank to take a look at the private credit. If the customer refuses to sign this declaration of consent, the banks will not agree to the opening of the account and the granting of the loan. 
But what are the tasks of private credit? Why do banks ask the private credit? 

Private credit – Collective Protection Group – collects data from consumers who have checking accounts, loans, outstanding accounts, mobile phone contracts and much more.

Generally, the main task is to protect banks from payment defaults. In doing so, both the well-being of the banks and the welfare of the loan seeker are taken into account. The entries stored in the private credit are intended to protect against over-indebtedness of the customers. Therefore, a negative or positive decision is communicated to the bank.

If the entry is negative, it can be assumed that a proper repayment of the credit costs is not guaranteed. The private credit has information about the name, the typeface and also special details about accounts and credits of the loan seeker. When an account is opened, a credit card issued, as well as the approval of credit, that everything is stored in the private credit. If a customer pays back a loan agreement as agreed, it will be entered in the private credit. This sometimes results in comprehensive data on bank customers. A negative entry in the private credit usually triggers a loan refusal. Then getting a loan from a branch bank or even opening an account is almost impossible.

Even if the customer has several loans and properly repaid, there may be problems because of the private credit. The information provided by the private credit is divided into A and B information. For example, category B has all the information about whether a contractor is behaving properly, for example, repaying his loans on time. The creditworthiness of a customer is assigned a score. These are values ​​between 1 and 100. The lower the value, the less creditworthiness is interpreted. However, the score should only be indicative. The private credit itself has no influence on whether a loan is approved or not. The decision is made by the lender. Before a loan seeker looks for a loan, he should do a free private credit query.

The possibilities

Anyone looking for a loan despite several loans, now knows that his credit rating on the private credit is queried. This predicts the probability of whether the customer will pay his installments properly or not. Before a loan is issued despite several loans, the bank will also draw up a household bill. There is a comparison of income and expenditure. This procedure shows whether, after deducting all liabilities, there is still room for a new rate. If there is this case, the loan seeker gets a loan.

Therefore, it is quite possible that a loan is crowned with success despite several loans. But sometimes banks require existing loans to pay off or pay. For example, in the case of car finance or home or housing financing. Especially when there are large sums, the bank wants to play it safe. 
In general, if you have a good credit rating, you will also get a loan despite having several loans.

A rescheduling of a loan despite several loans is just as useful as a new loan. The bottom line is an improvement in the financial situation. If all existing loans are combined and a favorable interest rate can be offered, creditworthiness improves significantly. Basically, who has several creditors to serve, the worse the credit will look. The reason is to look at the likelihood of default. It quickly happens that the financial overview no longer exists.

In addition, cheaper rates can also be better paid, because several accruing installments can increase the risk of default. Before the customer tackles a loan rescheduling despite multiple loans, he should conduct a credit settlement. From this he will see where to find the cheapest provider with the best conditions. Often can be made from the credit comparison out the selected provider of the loan application. This is followed by a very quick preliminary approval of the loan. The final approval will only be given when the bank has proof of earnings, a permanent job, a permanent residence and a clean private credit.

If German banks are unwilling to approve another loan despite several loans, a Swiss loan can come into play. Many foreign banks lend to German consumers, even if they have to serve several loans in their home country. A credit intermediary can be of assistance to a Swiss loan and can act as a contractor between the bank and the client. For loans from Switzerland, the private credit is not queried, as these do not exist in this country, Therefore, the non-private credit loans, as they are called, a helpful anchor for lending for people with limited credit.

Loan Consolidation for self-employed and new self-employed

If you are self-employed or thinking of starting a new business, you may encounter the difficulty of obtaining a personal loan or the financing you need from the banks. In times like this, in which we have not yet overcome the economic crisis, banks are increasingly distrustful when it comes to lending money. The difficulty is even greater in the case of the self-employed and the new self-employed, to which the banks tend to deal with much suspicion, unless they have guarantees, guarantees or a very solid financial history. But this is very difficult to happen in the case of new entrepreneurs or freelancers who are experiencing some difficulty in their business. Given this situation, you may not know what to do or who to turn to for a loan.

Our company was born to fill that gap and provide self-employed workers and new entrepreneurs with the financing they need for their business or to start a new company. For this reason, we offer our clients freelance loans and loans for new self-employed workers. Below we explain what kind of loans we offer, what amount you can request, what advantages we offer to banks, how you can process your loan and all the issues that may interest you on this important topic for your business.

What kind of loans do we offer to consolidate your other debt?

What kind of loans do we offer?

Our company is specially directed to grant loans for self-employed and entrepreneurs to cover other loans. We know the difficulty that this type of professionals faces every day to obtain financing. Banks usually request a large amount of documentation and guarantees, which are carefully studied by financial institutions, passing through various departments until finally deciding whether to approve the loan or deny it. All this supposes a considerable loss of time for a self-employed person. And the worst of all is that, finally, the bank usually rejects most of the loans requested by the self-employed and entrepreneurs, generating frustration, loss of time and delay in the management and implementation of projects.

What advantages does our company offer compared to financial institutions?

We are aware that the only objective of the self-employed or entrepreneurs is to work or start a new business. For these professionals, time is money and we know it. For this reason, our service focuses on offering the option of obtaining, quickly and efficiently, loans for freelancers or loans for new self-employed workers. We have made the process of requesting and granting loans as quick as possible. We do not require our clients to submit innumerable documents, guarantees or endorsements of any kind. For us, it is enough for our clients to send us the basic documents for processing the loan and, in a few days, they will receive the amount of the amount they need.

Our company is specialized in the granting of  loans for self-employed and new self-employed, this implies that we know in depth the sector and resolve all the requests that we receive as urgent as possible. We do not waste our clients’ time, as banks usually do. We carry out all the procedures so that the self-employed focus only on their work and obtain the loan they need in an agile, calm manner, without traveling or losing time.

Loans for freelancers and new self-employed, what amount can be requested?

Loans for freelancers and new self-employed, what amount can be requested?

At the moment, the loans that we grant oscillate in a section of quantity that ranges from 800 euros to 3000 euros. This type of amount allows to speed up the process and receive very quickly the money that a self-employed person needs. One of the advantages of loans of this amount is that it also allows a quick return, with a reduced cost in terms of interest. 
These loans are especially indicated in the following cases:

Loans for freelancers:

• Cover possible and unforeseen expenses with which the self-employed did not count and which tend to occur very frequently in this economic sector. 
• Pay attention to the payment of suppliers or periodic taxes in times of financial difficulty or lack of cash. 
• Make improvements in the establishment of the self-employed, in its commercial premises or establishments open to the public. 
• Buy machinery, vehicles, computer equipment or any type of fixed assets necessary so that the company can continue its activity. 
• Attend the payment of payroll or social insurance in a period in which the company goes through some type of difficulty or lacks cash.

Loans for new self-employed

It allows covering the cost of the following necessities, habitual in a self-employed person who starts a new business: 
• Cover the initial expenses of the business or activity that is going to be undertaken: payment of administrative fees, advisory and management expenses, etc. 
• Pay the rent and the deposit of the premises or establishment where the new business will be started or developed. 
• Acquire the necessary office equipment and equipment to start up the new business. 
• Reform the premises that have been rented to establish the business according to the tastes and personal needs of each self-employed person. 
• Pay the possible expenses of transfer of business premises, if this has been the way 
in which the self-employed person has started his new activity.
• Cover the initial expenses of the self-employed person’s payment and the social insurance of the hired workers.

Here we have only given you a small sample of the expenses that can be met with the loans we offer but, as you will see, the amount of the loans can be used to cover all kinds of needs that the company or the new self-employed business have.

Advantages of our loans for self-employed versus classic financial loans

1. It is not necessary to prove the destination that will be given to the money received with the loan

As you have seen in the previous point, the self-employed person can apply for the loan with any type of objective and does not need to prove the specific destination that he is going to give to the money he receives, nor justify what his amount will be used for. This is one of the important advantages that our company offers compared to what the banks demand in their classic financing: In our case, it is not necessary to show what destiny will be given to the loan money. Normally, when applying for a loan in a traditional bank, the self-employed person must always justify what use he is going to give to the amount of the loan that is granted. This can be uncomfortable on many occasions. If the company is going through a time of economic difficulty it is possible that the self-employed does not want anyone to know, As this could further aggravate the difficulties and increase the fall in billing. In addition, sometimes the client is not interested in the bank being aware of such difficulties, since this could be harmful in the case of having to carry out future financial operations or request other credits, at a professional or family level, as it happens if the self-employed wants to ask for a mortgage for the family. We, unlike the bank, grant the loans without the need for the applicant to offer any kind of explanation as to the reason for requesting the loan or the destination to be given to the money that is granted. since this could be harmful in the case of having to carry out future financial operations or request other credits, at professional or family level, as it happens if the self-employed wants to request a mortgage for the family. We, unlike the bank, grant the loans without the need for the applicant to offer any kind of explanation as to the reason for requesting the loan or the destination to be given to the money that is granted. since this could be harmful in the case of having to carry out future financial operations or request other credits, at professional or family level, as it happens if the self-employed wants to request a mortgage for the family. We, unlike the bank, grant the loans without the need for the applicant to offer any kind of explanation as to the reason for requesting the loan or the destination to be given to the money that is granted.

2. It does not matter what the financial situation of the self-employed person is

In our case we do not enter to assess the current financial situation of the self-employed or the entrepreneur. In addition, the fact of having any debt is not an obstacle to the granting of the requested loan. We know that banks do not grant a loan to a self-employed person who has some type of debt. This supposes a serious prejudice to the self-employed, who is prevented from accessing financing and, therefore, it is difficult for them to leave a situation of economic crisis, which may be temporary and temporary. With our loans, the self-employed has no problem and will quickly receive the amount of money that will allow you to overcome this situation.

On the other hand, when entrepreneurs are going to apply for loans as new self-employed workers, they find themselves with the problem that, lacking a financial background and not yet enjoying a solid economic situation, banks refuse to approve a loan in their favor, preventing or hindering your chances of starting a new business. Unlike what happens with banks, in our case we always bet on entrepreneurs and new self-employed people and we give them the possibility of obtaining a loan, which will allow them to undertake their new activity and assume, with confidence and tranquility, the initial expenses of your business. We do not demand from the new self-employed any feasibility report of your business, but we give you the money you need to work in your company,

3.Agility and speed in the application and granting of loans for self-employed and new self-employed

One of the greatest advantages of our service is the speed and agility in which we process all requests. Thanks to this, we make available to our clients the loan they need at the moment they just need it. That is, with the loan obtained, the expenses of unforeseen debts can be covered or cover urgent repairs for the operation of the company.

4. Flexibility of loan conditions for self-employed and loans for new self-employed

The flexibility of the conditions is one of the great advantages of our loans in the face of the rigid conditions that banks usually establish. 
• Our clients can choose the amount of the loan, in a range that ranges from 800 euros to 3000 euros. 
• Clients have different terms to repay the loan. The deadlines can be adapted to your specific needs, with a wide margin. This is a great advantage for a self-employed person, who does not have stable income every month and who, in this way, can return the loan in a comfortable and calm manner, without the loan causing difficulties or affecting the operation of his company..
• When there are different terms to repay the loan, the interests are also variable and flexible, so that each self-employed person can choose the corresponding interest cost based on the particular income available to them and the option that most benefits them. a specific economic moment.

Why we grant the best loans for self-employed and new self-employed

Why we grant the best loans for self-employed and new self-employed

In addition to the advantages over banks or traditional financial institutions, which we have already explained, there are other reasons why most self-employed and new entrepreneurs trust us when applying for a loan: 
• Our company is a leader in the sector. We are specialized in granting loans for self-employed and new self-employed people. For this reason, we know the needs of our clients perfectly and we can fulfill your wishes and needs, with the guarantee of managing your loan with full satisfaction. 
• We are one of the few companies that grants loans for self-employedfrom very small amounts, like 800 euros, to higher amounts, which reach up to 3,000 euros. With this, we guarantee and cover the needs of all types of clients. 
• Our loans offer great flexibility. The customer chooses the loan repayment period and, based on this, the corresponding interest is calculated. The possibility of choosing between different alternatives gives our clients more room to maneuver to manage the loan with peace of mind, without stress and without the return of the loan causing difficulties or affecting the progress of their business.
• The financial situation or the possible debts of our clients does not prevent, for our part, the granting of the requested loan. Thanks to this, we help our clients to get out of a temporary or temporary financial difficulty, without requiring them to disclose the reason why they are asking for the loan, or for what they are going to allocate their amount. 
• Thanks to our deep knowledge of the sector, and the type of work and activity of the self-employed, we are in a position to advise our clients on the loan that best suits their specific needs and the specific economic situation they face in each moment.

How to apply for loans for self-employed and new self-employed

The request for  loans for self-employed and new self-employed workers  is very simple. Just follow the instructions on our  website, in the corresponding section and fill in all the information requested. In general, it is requested that they provide personal data, a copy of the DNI and the bank account number in which they want to receive the money corresponding to the loan requested, and through which they will proceed to return it.. It is also necessary to complete the data corresponding to the specific conditions contracted in each case: return period, amount of interest, payment method, early cancellation, etc. Once the desired loan conditions have been chosen, the request is sent and we will answer immediately. In a period that ranges between 24 hours or three business days, the loan can be granted and our clients already have the money in their account at their disposal.
In addition, we have a customer service, in which we solve all types of questions and advise our clients about the loan that is most favorable to their interests. 
Do not think about it anymore, now you can comfortably request from home and in a simple and fast way that loan you need to cover any expenses of your business as a self-employed or new entrepreneur.

What is Good Debt and Bad Debt – Quick Loans

Good Debt and Bad Debt

Good Debt and Bad Debt

Since childhood I have always associated the term debt with a very dangerous financial obligation for one’s finances, and in fact it is, but as long as it is bad debt : that debt that is contracted when buying something for a perishable consumption and carried away by the emotion of acquiring an article that in a very short time would lose value and that would not pass on to the buyer new income, at the expense of debt and that in the medium term can pose a problem economic.

But in contrast to this type of bad debt, there is good debt, which is based on the existing boom in the requests for microloans: The good debt is that debt that is contracted but will short-term benefits or substantial savings.

I tell you my own experience that I had a few days ago: With the stress of work I left my car parked in a parking lot called “green zone”, which is cheaper than the blue zone car parks, but with little caution on my part to check the vertical signs: they had reserved 5 places for exclusive loading and unloading parking from 9 to 15 hours. And I “ate it with potatoes”

When I returned to the place to take the car, I found myself without a car and with a famous green sticker where I was told that I could withdraw it from the municipal police depot.

The joke of the withdrawal of the vehicle cost me 100.10 euros and a fine of 90 euros (the fine if paid in the first 15 days was reduced by 50%) but not having enough money had to wait to collect the Payroll, but researching and making my own accounts, I realized that I could ask for a fast loan for example to Bankil or Banksedia to pay only half of the fine (45 euros) and with the payroll to return the fast loan requested, with which I would save 30 euros.

The case that you are exposed to is a clear example of good debt: contracting a debt with the request for microcredit with me that the final result is more favorable than having waited at the beginning of the month to collect the payroll and thus pay the fine in full : 90 euros.

It is about the ROI (Return on investment) is greater than the debt incurred, and thus allows you the final balance of money to be positive in your favor.

Sometimes good debt can mean a significant saving of money for many families to help them make ends meet more easily.

Payday Loan Consolidation: Loan repayment schedule – what is it?

Getting a quick loan is now no problem. We can do it at a bank or non-banking institution, as well as via the internet. Then, when we decide on an installment loan, we get a repayment schedule. What exactly is such a document?

If we want to borrow a larger sum, the installment loan is the best solution. It is thanks to her that we can finance various types of shopping – renovation, holidays, purchase of household appliances, layettes for a child’s school, to mention only some. The repayment of the loan is then made in installments – this makes it easier to hand over the entire sum of the capital together with additional costs, i.e. interest and commission, which are also included in the installments.

What is the loan repayment schedule?

Along with the loan agreement, we also receive other documents, including regulations and a table of fees. Most often, the contract includes a repayment schedule. It is usually in the form of a table in which information about the days to which we have to pay individual installments is placed.

The loan repayment schedule is very convenient for the borrower, because he can easily check which day he needs to pay for installments. The schedule also includes changes, for example when the installment payment date falls on a holiday, then it is postponed.

The information contained in the loan repayment schedules will help us pay our debts on time. We can then rewrite dates to your calendar or notebook to know when we need to pay off the installment so that the repayment period can be exceeded.

Can you set a repayment schedule yourself?

Can you set a repayment schedule yourself?

In the case of some banks and non-bank institutions, this is possible, but we must remember that the institution will not always agree. Here, everything depends on the lender.

Most often, the date of payment of the installment is the day on which we received the loan. For example, when we got a loan on the 15th of the month, then the installment will also be repaid on every 15th day of the month.

In the case of some institutions, it is possible to determine the date of payment of the installment itself, for example we can indicate that we would like to pay not the 15th day of the month, but the 3rd day of each month. Then the sum of the loan is converted into installments.

Moments and repayment schedule

Moments and repayment schedule

In the case of loans such as payday loans, the loan repayment schedule is usually not applied. This is due to the fact that a payday loan is a one-off loan – in one installment. Therefore, in the contract document, we find only an indication of when the repayment period ends, without setting additional days to repay the installments.

In summary, the loan repayment schedule is a very helpful document, thanks to which we will be able to easily pay off our installment loan. Let us remember about dates included in it, because if we exceed the repayment date, we may expose ourselves to problems – interest on debts, penalties, and paid debits are just some of them.

Loan in 24 hours without Private Credit

If you want to get a loan in 24 hours without Private Credit query, you do not have to audition at the house bank. Even with sufficient creditworthiness such a timely approval would be impossible, with a lower credit rating even the waiting time for a cancellation would take much longer.

With an instant loan from the Internet repairs or new purchases can be made promptly, as well as urgent invoices can be paid without a long wait. The approval of the request lasts a maximum of 24 hours, but is usually only a few minutes after the online application for the loan.

Secure benefits with a comparison and save

Secure benefits with a comparison and save

The numerous offers to credit in 24 hours without Private Credit query make it useful to inform yourself in advance in comparison to find a loan that not only quickly approved, but also according to their own ideas and claims. In the free financial market can be a loan in 24 hours without Private Credit query on a free financial service provider, but also on a private financial backer.

The independent financial intermediary works with various foreign banks and, therefore, even in almost hopeless cases finds a financier who grants credit not on the credit rating but on the actual situation. However, since this lender also wants to hedge, property, savings or capital-forming insurance should be offered for hedging.

The hedge is only claimed, the borrower is in default and does not pay off the loan installments as contractually agreed with the lender. If you are unable to provide adequate collateral and urgently require a loan in 24 hours without Private Credit, you can offer the lender a guarantee from friends or relatives, making you predestined to pay.

A credit on the Internet convinced by fast approval

A credit on the Internet convinced by fast approval

Long waiting times in uncertainty remain with the instant loan. Each request will be processed within 24 hours and will be approved promptly with adequate collateral. So even people with little positive financial background by a loan in 24 hours without Private Credit query financially rehabilitate and pay urgent bills, as well as make necessary purchases.

By comparing each applicant finds a convincing and suitable for him offer. Since the approval is made promptly and therefore the payout is not underpinned by a long wait, the borrower can use this advantage and secure the desired loan.

The lender will only resort to the deposited securities or the guarantor’s liability, and installments will not be paid as agreed. After full repayment, the collateral will be returned directly to the borrower and handed over.

Cheap Loans for Civil Servants

For many banks, lending to borrowers with a high credit rating plays a major role. A special status is enjoyed by officials “welcomed by the banks”. Lifetime civil servants are “non-terminable” under regular conditions and thus the desired borrower of the banks and savings banks. As a result, civil servants today can look forward to an extensive range of loans in the market.

Civil servants today can benefit from credit products that are specifically tailored to their needs and requirements. Civil servants can usually convince with a very low interest rate, but the high supply has made the comparison much more difficult for the borrower. Officials who nowadays want to profit from the individually best credit offer can not avoid a comparison of several offers. The comparison of several offers is now possible on the Internet, on numerous finance portals. The portals in the network provide for comparison credit calculator, with which a comparison in consideration of arbitrary sizes is possible.

Cheap loans for civil servants compared

Cheap loans for civil servants compared

Officials who want to find a low-interest loan offer are subject to different conditions than “normal” borrowers. As a rule, civil servants can still rely on a relatively constant interest even for long maturities. However, the maturity and the loan amount always influence the effective interest rate, which for many borrowers today is the most important criterion. The effective interest rate is therefore very important, since it covers the totality of all costs.

However, the effective interest rate does not only depend on the term and the loan amount, the credit rating is also crucial. The creditworthiness is significantly influenced by the amount of the monthly income and the Private Credit information of the borrower, as officials benefit from a secure income, they can look forward to attractive interest rates.

As cheap loans for civil servants, above all the online offers of direct banks come into question. The offers of direct banks on the Internet are often cheaper, since the banks have no branch network and lower staff costs, so they are able to offer loans on more favorable terms.

Find cheap loans for civil servants compared

Find cheap loans for civil servants compared

Comparison with a loan calculator is essential in finding the best deal on the market. Numerous financial portals offer the use of the credit calculator free of charge. In comparison with a credit calculator individual sizes can be taken into account, in this way, for example, any term, loan amount or any income can be recorded. The best offer can be quickly filtered out in this way. Only with the comparison on the Internet can permanently retrieved the cheapest interest and be saved cash.

Loans to bad payers and protested in 24 hours

Loans to bad payers and protested in 24 hours, are they really possible? We must start by saying that the information available on the Internet about the subject is far from exhaustive, and we cannot hide that often, willingly, behind amazing announcements of fast loans for everyone, real baits hiding from companies that operate in a way are hidden. ambiguous, sometimes even organizing scams, exploiting the need and the needs of those who have been reported in the specific registers for ascertained financial problems. Indeed, there are fast loans on the market for protesters and bad payers, disbursed within a maximum of 48 hours by the financial companies that propose them once the necessary documentation has been obtained, loans that are actually characterized by a great speed in the preliminary phase also due to the modest figures that are required: generally in fact the so-called loans to protested and bad payers in 24 hours are nothing but mini loans that do not exceed 5,000 euros of paid-up capital.

Fast loans, features

Fast loans, features

Generally, in order to evaluate a request for funding, at least three days of the preliminary phase are calculated, but in the context of fast loans these times are considerably reduced, effectively offering the opportunity to obtain financial products that make available both for the self-employed and for the employees the desired capital in a single day, or a little more at the most. If it is true that the amounts are limited, as we have shown in our introduction to loans for bad payers and protested in 24 hours, it must also be said that this speed has a cost: in fact

the main feature of loans disbursed in 24 hours or so is a fixed interest rate higher than the market average, which can even reach 17%, while the repayment plans are customizable in various durations, but indeed usually they are not very long, also given the small amount of the amount paid.

As in the case of personal loans, in small loans granted in 24 or 48 hours at the most it is not necessary to declare the purpose of the loan, it is sufficient to simply present the documentation to start the preliminary phase.

The documentation

The documentation

To shorten the time in case you need to obtain an urgent liquidity, you should go to the credit institution that provides loans to protested in 24 hours with the documentation ready to be attached: the suggestion is to try with the companies that operate on line, which are specialized precisely in this type of credit and can take advantage of the speed of the web, which also makes it possible to reduce intermediation costs, as well as saving time, but there are also physical branches with operators and consultants who provide this type of fast financing.

In any case, the documentation to be presented includes:

  • Copy of identity document
  • Health card or tax code
  • Copy of the Unique model

plus any documentation from third party guarantors in support of their income and credit position, particularly recommended if you are a bad payer or protested and you do not have an income from employment, since the provision of even a small loan under these conditions is not discounted and often reinforced guarantees are required: by delivering this additional documentation, you save time and increase your chances of obtaining the desired capital.

Quick loan with pay slip or pension

Quick loan with pay slip or pension

If you can count on the certainty of a fixed and demonstrable income, or a pay slip or a pension slip to be presented at the time of documentation, you can access the fifth transfer, which is the easiest way to get loans for protested and bad payers even in a short period of time, if you turn to those institutions that allow you to carry out the entire evaluation and provision online. The sale of the fifth

therefore, it only provides employees and pensioners who can count on a direct deduction of the repayment installment, amounting to one fifth of the total received, which is paid to the financial institution directly by the employer or pension institution without the owner of the loan should do nothing.

It is generally understood that the salary assignment is reserved for workers with permanent contracts, but there is a good number of financiers that allow access also to workers with the fixed-term contract as long as the amortization plan has a temporal limitation that does not exceed the expiration of the work contract.

The characteristics of the sale of the fifth

The characteristics of the sale of the fifth

In addition to the peculiar feature that we are most keen on, that is the fact that it can also be provided to protesters and bad payers, the fifth sale is characterized by these distinctive elements compared to a normal personal loan:

  • Direct withholding of the repayment installment of up to 20 per cent of salary or pension
  • Duration between 24 and 120 months
  • Fixed interest rate
  • No proof of expenditure
  • No guarantor required
  • Possibility of disbursement also with other loans in progress

Small loan and mini loan: what are they?

Small loan and mini loan: what are they?

It is not easy to explain in detail what characterizes the small loan and the other mini loan formulas provided by the financial companies that propose them, for the simple fact that each credit institution has its own financial product of this type, characterized by its own financial conditions and exclusive, so it is difficult to complete a general series. However, while inviting you to inform yourself directly at the financial institution that provides a mini-loan to discover all the details of the individual product, we can at least summarize the basic principles of the small loan, which includes:

  • Amounts can be financed from a minimum of 500 euros to a maximum of 5,000 euros
  • Amortization plans with a variable duration usually between 12 and 60 months
  • Delivery method very often related to a current account at the bank
  • Operating mechanism similar to bank credit or revolving credit card

These are the most recurrent elements of the small loan or mini loan, but we renew the invitation to inquire directly with the credit institution or financial company to get all the detailed information and possible access to credit for protesters and bad payers.

How to make sure it’s a secure loan

How to make sure it

As we have already mentioned, scams and halter contracts are always around the corner when we mainly turn to financial companies on the Net, but it is also true that the greatest opportunities to obtain credit are loans to bad payers and complained in 24 hours online : how to make sure we are facing a secure loan? The elements to keep always in mind and that must be checked before signing any contract are:

  • The contractual information
  • Financial terms and conditions of the loan report
  • The company name, address and registration number in the register of financial intermediaries of the company in question that grants the loan
  • All other contact information.

Only if you are sure of being in front of reliable financial institutions then you can consider to stipulate the contract, if something does not come back and generates doubts about the reliability of the society with which you are interacting better to let go to avoid more serious problems.

Loans in 24 hours: are they convenient?

Loans in 24 hours: are they convenient?

Normally this type of financing would be considered convenient up to a certain point, since the speed of delivery does not on the other hand entail a really attractive interest rate, quite the opposite. But when one finds oneself in the delicate situation of being registered in the Crif archive of bad payers or in that of protests, these loans in 24 hours provided under the conditions that we have described often represent the only way of obtaining a capital, however small and a high rate. Depending on the degree of urgency in obtaining a sum of money, consider whether to entrust yourself to an institution that provides credit services of this type, do not disregard anyway the opportunity to have more quotes issued to you to understand which is the most advantageous offer also within this restricted area.